Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Year in Home Improvement

Remember our tree project? Well, now we've dressed up the front yard a bit. Brian was still cursing that tree while he was putting in the garden stones and running into giant tap roots from that big thing.

And look! Our deck is 99.8% done! There are even pretty flowers in the boxes that the picture doesn't do justice. What do you think of our home improvements over this last year?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yoda's got bills too

Bet you didn't know that Yoda had a side job, huh? I found this in Charlie's Lego people. He likes to take them all apart and re-arrange them. Yoda, I believe, is a bus driver for an underwater bus system that is frequented by Spongebob and the gang.
Either that, or a pilot. He also will be seen with a sword of some sort. Well...he is Yoda. Right now it looks like he's using the force. "Exact change you will pay". Poor Yoda...these are tough economic times. He was probably heavily invested in the market.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Settlers of Bed Head

Brian was "playing" Settlers of Cataan tonight with Charlie (and Fergie). Man! Did Charlie have some rockin' bed head or what??! I had to take Charlie to work with me today and a customer said that Charlie's hair looked like he was going too fast...

Charlie had his first fall down our stairs last night. He normally likes to slide down the stairs on his bottom, but was so excited about getting something that his approach was way too fast and he ended up tumbling down the stairs...yes I was properly freaked out. He cut the inside of his lip, has a couple bruises and some rug burn on his chin, but otherwise...totally ok. I'm thinking about installing gates on the stairs about every three steps to avoid this in the future. :-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun random pic's

I've realized that I haven't posted pictures in forever. So here is a major blog update. Scroll down for more posts!!!
Here's a good shot taken just yesterday...no tooth! He's lost 2 teeth and the top left one is ready to fall out any day

Hemmi supervising the bath.....

Not even 3-D glasses can make salad taste good.

One of the Lego sets Charlie worked on in one of his FOUR emergency room visits in April.

Charlie's amazing Jay Leno impression. Actually I was trying to get a picture of the missing tooth. When I was going through my pictures I couldn't believe how much he looked like Jay!!

Nothing like siting in the dirt, eating some fish crackers
Or playing with your cousin Ethan...

Silly Daddy and Charlie on the Ferry boat!

Vegas Baby...

Just Brian and I took a trip to Las Vegas last week and had a blast. We basically just hung around the pool, poked around and took in a couple shows...one of them was Blue Man Group, we saw them the last time we were there and Brian was actually one of the people asked to participate! This time we got a personal meet and greet with a Blue Man.

Our friends Mike and Katie Stiles, who we haven't seen in a couple years..were in Vegas at the same time we were! It was so great to catch up with them. They used to be our date buddies before kids made going out a little more complicated! We had dinner with them a couple times and went to Phantom of the Opera with them...

Our fun trip to Sigfried and Roy's "Secret Garden" I'm a big animal lover so I absolutely LOVED it. Brian tolerated it just fine... in fact he even was able to call the Dolphins over to him..the picture below is him "calling them" he'd cup his hand and hit it on the edge of concrete there. I think they were curious and came over to see the weird guy making all that racket.

Mommy and baby...they'd love playing ball. It was so cute!

Baby leopard!! He was so cute and just loved playing with his trainer...

The signature white tiger...she was roaring and making a whole bunch of noise. The leopard trainer said it was because she could smell her boyfriend. :-)

Charlie's pictures

Charlie's on his way to being an amazing photographer...here is some of his best work the from the last few months. And yes, these were all taken by him....I had to delete another 100 pictures from my camera that he had taken. It always cracks me up to see what pictures he's taken.

This one was while he was spinning in a circle when he was at work with me last week.

Some of my co-workers...Trevor's the one behind the desk actually working. Dan is the blond guy who likes to pretend to work.


Isn't this funny? I guess the flash was a little bright!!

Who knew that one of the best pictures of Charlie was actually taken by....himself!

Hemmi...and a picture of his cars...

Ooooh! He's sort of thuggish looking there, isn't he? "Mama said knock you OUT!"

December's snow storms... and one christmas pic

Christmas morning...stocking presents!

Getting tossed by Dad, a popular request..

Building snow stuff with Daddy... Mommy gets cold and grumpy..she stays inside. :-)

Jumping into a big pile of snow!

Love those action shots!


Loves the snow....

Yes.... a lot of fun snow!