Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coolest thing ever.

I thought I'd share the best news in the world. I can also now shred the giant stack of insurance explanation of benefits that I've been holding onto for THREE YEARS. Make sure you also check out my other posts...I finally updated after TWO WHOLE MONTHS!!
Also Charlie is now port-free! He got his port out a couple of weeks ago and is so proud of it, and will gladly show you. Even without you asking! be back in Newport, Or

We decided last minute to go on trip to Newport, Or and we had the best time...this was back in August when it was slightly warmer. We went to the beach every day, took a little jaunt down to the Sea Lion Caves...and then got to see Sea Lions right up close in downtown Newport. Charlie had the most fun out of all of us and it was great to just be. My very favorite picture is of Charlie running on the beach, full of happiness and life. Also, at the Newport Aquarium, Charlie's favorites where the puffins...

Fun at the Peace Arch.

So, we decided to take a little trip up to the Peace Arch park up in Blaine at the Canadian's a really pretty park that I can't remember ever going to! Charlie and Brian rolled down hills, and pretended to be statues sitting on a bench, over all we had a lot of fun! I was uploading my pictures and found that Charlie had taken 3 pictures of the perfect blue sky....