Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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The captions on the slide show got all messed up. Sorry.

Fun random pictures

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Our cute little property has a lot of trees. I like trees, no, I love trees. BUT I also like to see the sun and have nice warm summer days. Our yard, when we moved in, had 15 trees (yes, some a lot smaller than others). We took out a huge lilac about a month after we moved in, and today, we brought the tree number to lucky 13. We used Western Star Tree Service, and I have to do a plug for them, because they totally rocked! Russ, the owner, is a 4th generation Treeman and is very knowledgable and so very nice. I had gotten a quote from another company in town, wasn't impressed with them or their ridiculous price and Russ happen to come through my line at Fred Meyer about a week after that. About 2 months later we decided to give a call.... I'll say it again, they were GREAT and I highly recommend them!

BTW they blew the other guys bid right out of the water. Here is our cute little house with this ginormous silver maple.

The base of the tree had a ton of water just sitting in there, you can kind of see it in the picture. Plus the tree would always drop big branches!

The guy in the cowboy hat is Russ.....

and this is the stump grinder!

And there is our house! Look at all that sunshine!!


Finally! Here are the pictures of the 90% completed deck. Where the boards are sitting up right against the deck is where Brian is building flower boxes. They are almost done, he has one completed for the left side that I just need to stain, and Brian has just started the boxes for the right side of the deck. They will go around the deck, basically under the benches. Cool, huh?! Everyone should be very proud of all the hard work Brian has done for this....believe me, he is so glad it's almost done! Next project: staining and replacing some fence boards! I know he's so excited about it........ :-)