Saturday, August 9, 2008

Swim Lessons!

Peeking over to say, "Mommy! Watch me!!!"

Charlie doing what they call a "pull-touch", basically doing a stroke swim. He's really getting the hang of it!

Getting a pep talk from his instructor. Does he like swim lessons? Look at his face and decide for yourself!!

The swim back without the kick board. He would struggle with this a little bit

Learning how to dive. He would do it if she was helping him like this. If he was doing on his own, he'd set up like he was going to dive, but then just jump in. The instructor would always laugh when he'd do that.

Do you like how they are all looking at the crazy lady taking pictures???

Waiting in line for the diving board. This cute little girl would always try to talk and play with Charlie while they were in the water. Being a typical guy, he ignored her. We'll have to teach him how to be a gentlemen.......

The funnest part of the diving board!!!

Charlie is swimming!!!!!

New Deck!

Our awesome friend Darin showing us how it's done.....

My Dad and Brian assessing the situation and getting things done!

Below is Brian and my Dad getting ready to start putting the decking on. Almost there!

Charlie trying out the new deck! He loves it!!! Sadly, as I post this, I realize that I did not take a "finished picture", as in I don't actually have a picture of the full deck. Well, that shows you how well I plan things.....