Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm not purposing leaving people out of the loop, but's been pretty quiet on the Kennedy front. Charlie is doing AWESOME. He's getting over a cold right now, and he's quite the trooper. Especially when his paranoid Mom takes his temperture every hour to be sure he doesn't have a fever this time. **sigh**, I can see this happening even when he's 18. Grrrr....cancer. His last few appointments have been great with no terrible side affects to the chemo. His oral chemo that he gets at home, and will get until he's 8, is giving him red dry patches on just his face. It really looks terrible sometimes, but I found if we are really good about gooping on the lotion a couple times a day, it's not terribly noticable. In fact, even when it is bad, he doesn't even notice. Thank goodness he's not a teenage girl right now!!! (or ever..... for that matter)
School is going pretty good, making friends, enjoying most of the things he's learning. I definitely have to wrangle things out of him about his school day. He just wants to tell me what he did on the playground and nothing else! By the way, his favorite thing to do on the playground is "play pirates" I know you are all surprised.
Anyway, that's the update for now...nothing to crazy going on with Brian and I lately. Although I did go see Twilight this weekend and really liked it. Of course, nothing compares to the book, but it was still pretty good!!!

Everyone, have a great Thanksgiving!

And yes, he's sitting in a bucket eating popcorn.....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Get Smart

So, yesterday (Saturday) we received 'Get Smart' in the mail and decided to watch it, with Charlie. It was funny, Brian and I really liked it....Charlie LOVED it. Physical comedy is really his bag. While through the movie peels of Charlie laughter filled the house, it was the end gag that really did him in. He was laughing really hard and then Brian kind of egg it on so he'd laugh harder. I have to say we hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. Charlie stands up and says, "You peed on me!!", he had laughed so hard that he peed his pants. So I told him to run to the bathroom, which he did, then he ran upstairs to get new underwear and pants. We have an intercom in his room and it's mate is in the TV room where Brian and I were. He was singing the Get Smart theme song while getting new clothes. We about died laughing.

I was going to upload some Halloween pictures, but my camera's dead and we don't have any new batteries (of course). I have one of Charlie and his friend Carson at our church's Halloween party. We went trick or treating with Carson in his neighborhood. When "Luke Skywalker" Charlie and I went to Carson's house, he opened the door and was dressed like Obi-Wan Kenobi. We couldn't believed it! And no, it wasn't planned! I'll post pictures of Charlie in full garb as soon as I fix the camera snafoo....