Thursday, June 18, 2009

Charlie's Kindergarten Graduation

The day has come...Charlie has graduated. From Kindergarten. Which was very cute, he was very excited and participated perfectly. After they received their "diplomas" the kids sang 3 songs, and Charlie sang nice and loud and did all the actions. It was awesome. However, one thing that was NOT awesome is that I turned on my camera to take some pictures and the batteries were DEAD. It's happened at all of his school things, so being determined, I crept up close while he was waiting and took pictures with my cell phone. I felt pretty lame. Any way, they came out cute. The little girl with him is his buddy Galina. They play every day together at recess....batman, indiana jones and Special Agent Oso! They were such good friends and I found out today that she won't be at Mt. View any more, her family lives in Bellingham. I'm sad to say that I no longer have a Kindergartner...he's growing up too fast!! And look at that big gap in his teeth that you can barely see.... (stupid digital delay on my phone camera..LAME!!!)