Wednesday, August 5, 2009


On our many adventures this summer, I'll start with the latest. You have to scroll down our whole page, 'cause I've done a massive blog update. Get ready for 2 months of pictures!! We went camping this last weekend with my parents. So after waiting in this massive ferry car line....
Taking a ferry ride...we went to...

Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Forest! This lake is so incredible. The water is super clear. My Dad informed us that the water is too cold for algea to grow, that's the reason for the clarity. It's a super deep lake! The camping here was great, and we will come back to this spot.

Isn't that blue amazing?

Brian got a great sunrise picture. Yeah, I don't "do" early.

Charlie took this picture of our tent...

So green!

On our camp site there was a giant tree stump, Charlie had a lot of fun climbing up and inside of it. It was like his own little fort!

Snuggle time in the morning. See how chipper I look?

Yes, he went swimming. We all did. It was brisk at first, but felt wonderful after about 30 seconds.

Got to have shadow puppets, right? Sorry for the lame picture of it though...

Yes, we loved it here and look forward to more fun camping trips in the Olympics. I recommend it to anyone, but know this: All camping sites in the Olympic Nat'l forest are first come first serve. Luckily my parents got there nice and early and captured a spot just as someone was leaving it!

Sol Duc falls

On our camping trip, we took a little hike up to Sol Duc Falls. We stopped a long the way to take a couple pictures of Sol Duc River, and the pictures can tell you just a bit of how beautiful it is.

Our hike up to the falls was fun and Charlie had a blast. I'm not sure if you can tell, but in this picture of him on the trail by himself, his feet are both off the ground. He loved it!! What an adventure...

The guys in my life...

Plus, a really goofy picture of my Dad that looks like he's striking some sort of pose.

To my fellow Twilight fans...yes I was that person.

Ok, so we went camping this weekend to the Olympic peninsula. We decided to go to LaPush to see Second beach, and how could we not stop by Forks? C'mon!! But seriously, I don't think they are even aware of the popularity of the Twilight books/movie.....

Taken from the car. Brian refused to stop for pictures like this. I was lucky if he slowed down... :-)

The drive out to La Push was beautiful. Just gorgeous!

I love the Pepsi sponsored sign.

There is a short hike down to this amazing beach. It's a wonderful hike, really pretty and easy enough for the kiddo's.

However, going back, there are a lot of stairs!! We were stairmasters.

But when you get the the bottom of the trail, this is what you see!! After some balancing acts on a massive pile of drift wood, you get to the water, and I can't say enough how beautiful it was. We are definitely going to go back to this amazing place.

BTW, no werewolf or vampire sitings... :)

Swimming lessons!!!

I'm not sure if any of you remember, but Charlie LOVES swimming lessons. And an even bigger treat: one of Charlie's best friends was in his class with him- Carson! Charlie had a blast this year and really had amazing improvement.

Oooh! It's cold at 8:45am!! There is Carson, as always, next to Charlie. They look quite a bit a like, don't they? Wait, are Charlie's shorts falling off? :-) This last picture, Charlie is saying hi!