Friday, July 23, 2010


So finally, summer has arrived here in Ferndale. I mean, it's warmer than that spring we had that lasted until after the fourth of July, right.... So we've had some adventures. I can't post with my pictures because blogger is being a butt..and will screw it up anyway. So I'll give you the dialog ahead of time, then you can just enjoy our pictures! Charlie had his EIGHTH (!!!!!) birthday on the 10th of July and we had a great party. I, unfortunately, didn't take a single picture..but I am hoping for some from those that did snap some and will post them soon. We had a Cancer Butt Kicking BBQ here in our backyard that day and we had over 90 people! We all had so much fun and it was great to celebrate the near end of treatment and the hardest chapter in our lives so far. Only TWO more treatments to go!!!
Charlie went to Cub Scout Day Camp for the first time and absolutely had an amazing time! His favorite part was shooting a BB Gun and now he is super pumped to get more awards and get more patches. I, while happy that he's excited, am not too jazzed about sewing patches on his shirt. I stabbed myself more times that I can count trying to sew his patch on his pocket. Now, before everyone starts suggesting ironing them on, I've heard with washings they come off. WIth a big drooly dog, we will have to wash it often!!!
Enjoy the pictures...and look for another post soon- hopefully with BBQ pictures!