Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's been over a month already?

I can't believe it's been over a month since we've updated our blog with new pictures. Sorry for the delay! Another thing I can't believe is that Spring is almost over and Summer is just aroun the corner. Is a little sunshine too much to ask for? I've lived in Washington practically my whole life and I can't remember having a more lame spring! :-)
here are some new pictures: Here is a picture of our garden that finally has everything planted. Doesn't it look amazing??! Ok, ok...most are seeds. But the beans, lettuce and carrots have really done well, and the peas have finally come through. I don't have much hope for the tomatoes though...not enough sun. :-(

Some great flowers though in our yard. I was totally excited to see that we have a snowball tree!! I doubt that is the actually name of the plant, but it's what we call it. Isn't it pretty? It had been cut back so last year when we moved in, it didn't bloom and we weren't sure what the heck that plant/tree/shrub was!

We have several lilac trees, but this one is my favorite. Warning: The following is not to be viewed by the "crack" sensitive out there!

Remember that one nice weekend we had this spring? Charlie got to play in his swimsuit and his pirate ship! Lots of water balloons and water fights happened that weekend as well. Had a blast!

Our friend Sammy. Everyone here loves to watch him and his antics----including the cats. We have just one squirrel that comes to visit us and so we decided to name him.

Charlie telling me he's had enough of the camera. This was after our last chemo treatment and he was tired. :-)

Charlie playing "Speed Racer" He lines up all of his cars for the big race. The race is basically to see them go flying off the window and onto the floor. It's lots of fun.

Charlie having lots of fun in the tub!!! Look at ALL that HAIR!!! It's still baby soft, in fact one of his Karate classmates touched it and said it was like petting a kitty! We haven't cut it yet (well, I trimmed around his ears), but it's getting so long. I think we will wait just a bit longer.

And lastly, we are dog sitting Porter. He used to be our dog once upon a time. He is now the Mumfords who love him very much. In Charlie's mind though, I think Porter will always be his buddy, no matter who he belongs to. He's been playing with him and talking to him so much. It's so very sweet. Someday we will get another dog, when Charlie is a little older to help take care of it better. Right now, we'll borrow Porter every now and then!!!