Monday, May 31, 2010

Really, it doesn't seem like it's been that long?!

Where does time go, it really doesn't seem like that long ago since I updated this thing. So sorry! I think Facebook will be the death of the blog. That's so sad....
Nothing much going on lately, although we have started planning for summer and that's always exciting. Charlie will be doing Xfit for kids twice a week, and swimming lessons. We've planned out some camping trips, one will have to be without the dog as it will be at Cape Flattery and the Dungeness Spit. Charlie will miss him horribly, but Rocky will be able to come with us to Deception Pass!
I've just got done ordering invitations for our big BBQ this summer. We're going to have a party on Charlie's birthday to celebrate kicking the crap out of's a little early, but we wanted to do it in the summer time and what better day than on Charlie's 8th birthday?? He only has FOUR treatments left and he's done! the pictures!!! There will be a lot, as it's been forever since the last post! Sorry!! Rocky the bucket head. He loves playing with this plastic pot that some of our flowers came in. Seriously..hours of entertainment.

Ahh...the joys of homeownership. Please don't fall!!!! Brian fixing our roof that got blown off in a big windstorm we had... Goofy kid...Here we were goofing off with our computer's camera and Charlie is trying to stop us from singing "Take on Me" from Aha..remember the video for that song? it was so cool.... Fun at Whatcom Falls Park And we're done! Woohoo!!