Friday, January 7, 2011

The Big Climb

Once again, we have set up Team Charlie for the Big Climb in Seattle! This was so much fun, and I really want everyone to do it!! Now is the time to sign up, since they only let so many people do it.... and look for us when you register under Team Charlie. Email me if you have any questions! it's been awhile...

Everything has been going just great, and I forget to update this thing! Charlie's port came out in November, which he was very proud of and had to show everyone...even if they didn't want to see it or had no idea what he was talking about! School has been going really good, and if you ask him what his favorite part of school is, the answer would be recess! I pick him up from school sometimes and he is absolutely filthy, pants covered in mud! I ask how he got so dirty, he'd say he was playing football with his best friend Evan.
Charlie went to the eye doctor at the beginning of November, as I figured it'd be a good idea to get him set up with a doctor since both of us wear glasses. We found out that Charlie's eyes don't converge, and his also don't work together. To correct this he needs vision therapy...the closest one? Lynnwood. So.. every two weeks we go see a vision therapist and Charlie gets to do fun things with her and at home. I've got some pictures included on this post. He has lots of fun doing the exercises and doesn't even realize that it's therapy he's doing!
Charlie got a LOT of LEGO's for Christmas, and boy was he in heaven!! There were ships made, there good guys and bad guys and major battles! The first picture is a fleet of ships for the good guys....the bad guys weren't so lucky.

"Decades Day" at's the best I could do with what we had...but he sure looked cute...

Vision therapy...he is wearing a patch over one eye and catching marbles mid roll with a cup. He loves this game...

Vision therapy again, "What's the diff" he looks a side by side picture and finds the differences between the two while wearing special glasses. One side is covered, so he uses just one eye at a time. They found that Charlie uses one eye for distance, and the other eye for close up. This will help his eyes to work together to look at the same thing.

Loves his Rocky Dog!!!